May 2010

My flash "The Distance Between, the Horizon Ahead," will appear in Abjective. My flash Something Like Love was published in the Buffalo Art Voice.

Muzzle took my poem "#9 Dream: Zombie Apocalypse."

April 2010

My flash An Explanation of Love will appear in the Fall issue of the Girls With Insurance.

Country Boys, a story, will be published in an anthology called From Hill to Holler.

March 2010

My story will appear in GUD in the fall. My story the Green Man will appear in "Wilderness House Literary Review."

February 2010

Two poems will appear in "Corium."

My story Badman will appear in "Newport Review."

January 2010

Five poems appear in "Down Dirty Word"

November 2009

Three stories will appear in the print edition of "Wrong Tree Review."

'Hungry' will appear in the spring issue of "JMWW".

October 2009

My story 'Here is My Heart' will appear in the first issue of "A Trunk of Delirium."

My story 'True Love' was reprinted in the "Best of Wilderness House Review #3."

Three poems appeared in "13 Mynah Birds."

Three poems will appear in the "Dead Mule."

August 2009

My story 'Crater' will appear in Somnambulist Quarterly.

July 2009

My stories 'Dumb Wonder' and 'The Feel of My Heart' appear in PIF.

My stories 'Naked at The Gates' and 'The Feel of My Heart' appear in Wrong Tree Review.

June 2009

My stories 'An Arrangement' and 'The Mouths that Breathe, the Air that Catches' appear in Trailer Park Quarterly.

My essay 'COAPing with Revision' will appear in the Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction.

My story 'Witness' will be reprinted in the new launch of Staccato.

January 2009

My poem 'Ocean Ave, Winthrop: Addressing The Breakup Photo While Disturbed' appears in Thieves Jargon.

My poem 'The Quick and the Just Dead' will appear in Poetry Midwest's Winter 2009 issue.

My poems 'Abandonment' and 'How One Word Connotes a Star' appear in Scapegoat Review.

My prose poem 'What Facebook Updates Really Mean' appears in DOGZPLOT.

My story 'Hundred Dollar Hit' will appear in Wrong Tree Review.

December 2008

Stories 'How Cats Die' and 'The Howling' appear in DOGZPLOT.

October 2008

My story 'The Learning Channel' appears in decomP. September 2008

My poem 'What the Stars Tell' will appear in Lone Star Stories.

My story 'True Love' will be reprinted in an anthology called Dogs Wet and Dry.

My story 'Barely Light' will appear in Twelve Stories.

May 2008

My poem 'Love Song' will appear in Nibble.

My poems 'Phlogiston' and 'When the Wrong Words Get Said' will appear in Thieves Jargon.

March 2008

My poem, 'The Ex-Boyfriend Checks In on Saturday Night by Cell Phone', appears in Lit Up.

My stories 'The Prince of Everything' and 'True Love' will appear in Wilderness House Literary Review.

December 2007

My stories, 'The First Time He Met a Communist' and 'No Pretty Boy' will appear in Temenos.

August 2007

My story 'At the Esso' will appear in Ward 6 Review.

July 2007

My poem 'Under the Flowers a Carcass Waits' will be published in GUD Issue 2.

My story 'The Middle Drawer' will be published in Xelas.

June 2007

My poem 'Shipwreck Bar' will appear in the Barn Owl Review.

May 2007

My hundred word story '1972' will appear in Tuesday Shorts.

My story 'O Saddam!' will appear in Post Road.

My poem 'For My Lovely Neighbor, Who Sunbathes in the Nude' will appear in elimae.

Sunnyoutside Press will be publishing a chapbook of my flash fiction in 2007.

March 2007

My story 'Waiting for Nothing' will appear in Word Riot.

February 2007

My story 'If the Tree Falls' will appear in Small Spiral Notebook.

January 2007

My story 'There Swells and Jets a Heart' will appear in SmokeLong Quarterly.

My story 'World Inside the World' will appear in the Angler.

My poems "The Intrigue of Being Watched" and "Hunting Season" will appear
in GUD Issue 1.